Newly Discovered Bacterium Has The Ability To Decontaminate Toxic Water

Interesting? Discovery or creation? A Bacterium that deals with modern chlorine compund pollutants.


From TLN, by Tim Sandle

A bacterium discovered in the Besòs river estuary (Barcelona, Spain), has the ability to convert toxic organochlorine compounds into harmless chemicals, meaning it could potentially be harnessed to de-toxify polluted water.

The bacterium is a Dehalogenimonas species; the genus was first detected in 2009, being isolated from aquifers in Louisiana, U.S. the first strain found was the lengthy titled Dehalogenimonas lykanthroporepellens. The special thing about bacteria in this genus is that they can only use organochlorine compounds for their energy source.

Organochlorine compounds are serious environmental pollutants. They are the products of several industrial processes and enter water systems through the waste discards of processing plants. The chemicals are used to make products like vinyl chloride (a type of plastic). They have low biodegradability, and persist for long periods of time. Under severe conditions they enter soil and pollute plants. Entering the food…

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