Clinical evaluation performed Cuban vaccine against chronic hepatitis B|en&u=

Iris Lugo Carro, specialist of the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB) in Havana informed the Cuban vaccine HeberNasvac, for the treatment of chronic B, created in the institution, hepatitis is under clinical evaluation in collaboration with the French company Abivax .

HeberNasvac combines surface antigen and nucleocapsid hepatitis B, two recombinant proteins produced by the CIGB.

The therapeutic proposal nasal administered subcutaneously and causes fewer adverse reactions and has greater antiviral efficacy than existing treatments for this disease.

Note: As admirable as Cuba’s health care is, the fallacious mindset concerning vaccines prevails. We (biotech) will introduce novel/new genetic material into the human body to protect against existing and new/novel ailments.

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