Cuban health system apply for free vaccine against lung cancer
Cuba apply for free vaccine for lung cancer, which is described as “unique in the world and very innovative,” according to the pharmaceutical and marketer, Arlhee Diaz.

“Basically it targets a molecule that is overexpressed in tumors, whereby abnormal cell growth active, causing the tumor to grow. The vaccine inhibits the tumor progression, “said Diaz.

“The results of the vaccine give a survival of patients, not the tumor is removed but the growth stops, allowing patients to live longer and especially with a good quality of life because its toxicity is minimal,” said the scientist .

Cubans have access to the vaccine through their hospitals for free, while foreigners should contact Servimed but also need to enter the health system of Cuba and their doctors are those who apply. In the case of the latter the implementation of the vaccine has an economic cost.

It was learned that a research center of the United States signed an agreement with Cuba to initiate an exchange of information on the vaccine but is still far from able to be marketed in the American nation, due to the effect of the economic blockade against the island.

“So far all we have done is to sign a confidentiality agreement with a research center in the country to start exchanging information. From this point in the future we could begin Phase 1 trials, efficacy trial, among others.

It is only clinical research without reaching the level of trade, an error in which many journalists have incurred “Arlhee Diaz said. The Fact: The vaccine is already registered in Cuba, Peru and Paraguay. Right now they are doing clinical trials in Europe, but studies have long -3 or 4 years and are extremely expensive.

WHO approves rapid test for detection of Ebola Molecular Immunology Center of Cuba, (CIM) focuses its work on research for the creation and production of drugs against cancer, the leading cause of death among Cubans.

It began in 1994, amid the worst economic crisis in the history of Cuba, producing monoclonal antibodies. At present the CIM exported to over 30 countries amounting to $ 80 million per year, in addition to supplying the domestic market.

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