Eugenics and pandemics

A Liberian woman has died of Ebola in a hospital in Monrovia, becoming the second death from the virus and the sixth confirmed case since Ebola resurfaced last month after a seven-week lull.

It is almost one year since Ebola was declared an international emergency by W.H.O. This declaration triggered special global laws allowing for forced mass quarantines and vaccination, with an untested and potentially dangerous vaccine. These emergency laws were extended last week by W.H.O. for another three months.


From the Liberian Observer:

Dr. Francis Kateh, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and Deputy Health Minister, has confirmed two persons who have died of Ebola, with a new case being reported in Paynesville, on A.B. Tolbert road, outside Monrovia.
 Dr. Kateh made the disclosure yesterday in Monrovia at the Information Ministry regular press briefing on Capitol Hill.
 According to him, the new case brings the total number of confirmed cases to six but four…

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