Spanish Government Goes Full Police State; Enacts Law Forbidding Dissent and ‘Unauthorized’ Photography Of Law Enforcement

So like China with its stock market crash and Japan with Fukishima, Spain has made the 3 brass monkeys law.
See no dissent (evil), speak no dissent (evil), hear no dissent (evil).
Hey you tinpot dictators, yes you African, Asian dictators. This is the way to do it.
Ban anything you don’t like.
In relation to Ebola, let me see ban any reporting on GSK trials or hide the data.


‘Well, Spain’s officially a police state now. On July 1st, its much-protested “gag” law went into effect, instantly making criminals of those protesting the new law. Among the many new repressive stipulations is a €30,000-€600,000 fine for “unauthorized protests,” which can be combined for maximum effect with a €600-€300,000 fine for “disrupting public events.”

This horrible set of statutes has arisen from Spain’s position as a flashpoint for anti-austerity protests, the European precursor to the Occupy Wall Street movement. Fines, fines and more fines await anyone who refuses to treat authority with the respect it’s forcibly requiring citizens to show it.

The law also extends its anti-protest punishments to social media, where users can face similar fines for doing nothing more than encouraging or organizing a protest. Failing to present ID when commanded is another fine. And then there’s this: Showing a “lack of respect” to those in uniform or failing…

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