Obama: ‘ TPP No Ordinary Trade Deal its Meant to Undermine China’s Position ‘

Why would anyone believe a pathological liar like Obama?
This is the same conman-in-chief that passed TPA under the smokescreen of the Charleston church shooting then faked sincerity with his amazing grace singing at the memorial.

Concerns about China?
Who moved production to China? Oh yes US corporations?
Who are the PRIMARY beneficiaries of TPP, TTIP, TISA? Again Corporations.
Has it NOT been the west that has been transferring and building up China capabilities.
Has the “market” not been predicting and moving to profit from the financial rise of China?
Ask Rockefeller, Rothschild, Soros, are they invested in China? Damn right!We don’t buy the bullshit about China being a threat economically or militarily.

TPP, TTIP are about a small cabal of anglo-saxon/khazarian hegemony over humanity using state and corporate legal fictions.

Ace Finance & Markets News

#AceFinanceNews – Featured Report:WASHINGTON:July.08: The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is not just an ordinary trade deal: it is meant to undermine China’s positions in the Asia-Pacific and strengthen Washington’s hegemony in the region for decades to come, US expert Sean Mirski explains.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is not just about trade: the deal will alter the balance of power in the Asia-Pacific strengthening Washington’s positions in the region for decades to come, US expert in international affairs Sean Mirski asserted.“In short, then, the TPP has been presented and criticized as if it were an ordinary trade deal. It’s not. The treaty boasts strategic consequences that make it well worth passing,” the expert stressed.

“If the TPP can change the trajectory of American power relative to China’s, it may be the single most important factor in whether the United States retains its “indispensable” role in the 21st Century,” he elaborated.

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One thought on “Obama: ‘ TPP No Ordinary Trade Deal its Meant to Undermine China’s Position ‘

  1. That’s fine. Australia and New Zealand are vigorously negotiating the RCEP trade agreement with China (China’s our major trading partner) and the ASEAN nations and leaving the US out. So there.


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