RINF: TTIP in the EU: Rejecting Democracy at Every Turn


With less than 24 hours to the vote, Parliament President Shultz and Lange used technicalities to pull the vote entirely. The real reason was that they could not control which way MEPs might vote, in particular there was increasing support for removing ISDS entirely

TTIP is being negotiated in secret. Our elected representatives in the House of Commons are not allowed to see the draft negotiating texts. Our elected representatives in the European parliament had to hold a demonstration in the European Parliament before being granted permission to see these texts in January this year. Even now they can only see the texts in a locked room if they have removed any possible recording devices, including their mobile phones, and signed a 14-page agreement to keep the contents secret.

Note: Africa, Asia and Latin America, observe the hypocrisy in the trade agreement voting. Secrecy and subversion. The conduct of the US and EU in pushing these trade agreements is clear evidence in its own right of the malevolence of the benefactors of the agreements.


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