TPP, TTIP and TISA fail the Rule of Law?

I will state from the outset, I am a layman however the principles of good conduct, behaviour and obligations are comprensible to me and as a consequence so are basic principles of law.
So what is so onerous about the secret trade deals?
The west has  narrative that its societies are ruled by law.
The rule of law:

“The core of the … principle is … that all persons and authorities within the state, whether public or private, should be bound by and entitled to the benefits of laws publicly made … and publicly administered in the courts.”

–  Justice Tom Bingham wrote, in a 2010 book entitled Rule of Law
Publicly made and publicly administered.
Do the TPP, TTIP and TISA treaties pass the publicly made rule?
So with each failure to comply with the “rule of law” are we obligated to listen, consent, cooperate, under-stand or subject ourselves to the violators?
We now have another fraud being foisted on us with TPP, TTIP, and TISA.
Lets not forget the root fraud of financial frauds, Private Central Banking with their limitless counterfeiting.

7 thoughts on “TPP, TTIP and TISA fail the Rule of Law?

  1. Reblogged this on An Atheist in Adelaide and commented:
    If a law is not made in full public awareness and with public consultation, it is NOT LEGAL… Therefore the TTIP, TPP and TISA are NOT LEGAL. The real question now is what can “We the People” do about it…?


    1. It is for most people a scary solution. That living outside of government is the solution.
      It requires planning, work and determination.
      The recognition that these entities no more compel our loyalty than common thugs. Forcing everyone to see the nullification of consent by their obvious criminal conduct. It requires no force just the will to do so.
      The biggest obstacles will be the “government” employees as their paychecks are dependent on the criminality of “government” but even they will see theri friends and family become the victims and must then make a choice.
      Corporations are easier to deal with. Boycott, disruption and exposure.

      The silver lining of the cesspool that is now western politics, finance, and judiciary is that the individual and communities must now take responsilbility for their lives or earthly ships.
      We must captain our own vehicles and finds solutions that match our needs, interacting, trading with sovereign beings under the common law – do no harm!


      1. I’m not quite so convinced by the anarchist ‘Utopia’… We DO need some kind of government, because human co-operation cannot always or invariably be depended upon…

        It’s okay for able-bods, for example.. but what about the disabled… Or the long-term unemployed, who, believe it or not, are exploited by the system by being used as a thermostat for the economy (high unemployment = low wages)…

        Would you recommend euthanasia, perhaps? As the NWO would… condemning them all as ‘useless eaters’… Or would you just allow them all to become homeless and starve…? Ignore them and they’ll go away…?

        Leaving the care of such people to government organizations is troublesome enough, but in a real democracy at least such government organizations can be held to account… I know, we don’t have a real democracy… YET! But even now, in this ‘Punch’n’Judy’ democracy, these organizations can still be held to account at least to some extent…

        But leaving the care of such people to charity has always proven a less-than-charitable move… Have a look, for example, at Dickensian London before the creation of the welfare state… The Bethlehem Hospital for The Mentally Ill and other ‘charitable’ workhouses, is a good place to start… locally, it was known as ‘Bedlam’…

        We are being fed disinformation that the state is the enemy as such; that no type of government is acceptable… I say it’s really just a matter of writing, and more importantly enforcing, the right laws to keep politicians honest, and businessmen from being able to get richer than the governments of some countries… which is what has led to this whole problem; an out-of-control business sector where human lives and even the environment are considered expendable in the pursuit of profit. For far too long the laws have been written by the crooked bastards for the benefit of crooked bastards…

        Where is Solon when you need him?!

        What is needed is a complete re-evaluation of not only our monetary system, but our whole system of values… since the current primacy of money as our ultimate value, to which any and all other values are considered secondary, must inevitably lead to extinction if pursued to its logical conclusion.

        Hope lies in the possibility that sooner or later, even those who are currently supporting the NWO, whether they realize it or not, in the police and military forces, will become aware of the real nature of things and, with luck, enough of them will regard the fate of humanity and the environment as being worth more even than their pay-checks, and will quit their jobs… depriving the NWO of manpower…

        Or at the very least, refuse, en masse, to obey their NWO-directed officers! Especially when it comes to shooting their own citizens… Police who shoot citizens must also face stronger assessment and criticism; any found of unnecessary use of force should be charged with homicide and dismissed from the police force!

        People should refrain from joining such forces until we have honest leadership; and current members of certain defence forces most especially should refuse to obey any of their officers who were promoted as a result of 9/11. If possible, said officers should be arrested, interrogated and charged… whatever their rank! And don’t stop arresting people until ALL conspirators are where they belong… behind bars!

        Do no harm is a wonderful sentiment… perhaps it could be used as a guiding principle for a truly humane and humanitarian form of government… as we once believed it was…

        Being responsible for oneself is also a wonderful sentiment, but not everyone is actually capable of doing that… The whole point about Law and government is that it is supposed to exist to protect the weak from the strong; instead of the kind of ‘legal system’ we have now, which protects the strong against the weak; the rich against the poor…

        We don’t have to dispense with government completely; we just have to take it back out of the hands of the elite… (Sounds easy when I put it like that doesn’t it? 😉 )



      2. Agreed, it is utopian but we break things down as part of the re-evaluation .
        Governments, corporations are means to appropiate and organise human labour/effort.
        We have forgotton it is an organisational construct and has no life outside of our belief or consent of it.
        Corporations were created to pool risk, share profit and shirk consequences via their limited liablity.
        If I wish to mobilise and control 100s of thousands or millions “government” is a good vehicle.
        What is the purpose of our lives? To be employees for the NSA, shitebook, vaccinesoft?
        Are our lives valued in dollars, pounds, yaun, gold or silver?
        Current “governments” see only monetize lives, financial batteries, as do the corporations.
        So to see the control grid – matrix – we have to remove ourselves from it at least mentally.
        The ruling turds have created these systems to compel their fellow sentient beings to serve them.
        Why the hell should I bow, be forced to serve another being? What right does some woman appropiate vast global resources needed by others with as much right and claim.
        No, we have to strip it all back, royalty, theocracy, socialism, technocracy, democracy.
        In rejecting “government” your questions need to be answered but other questions spring to mind.
        How will we live? How will we interract? How do we trade? What do we trade with? How do we fund build large projects? How do we deal with criminals?
        Self governance versus state governance.
        You could say the state has created generations of spoilt, dependant children, just the way it laikes them.

        Shut up and do as you told child, the adults (ruling turds) are in charge.

        I don’t believe laws are enough. Slavery was legal for awhile. Mandatory vaccines are being made legal but lawful.
        It is public or cultural awareness that is key.
        Again I am positive because the ruling turds have their own craveness, greed, ineptitude to blame for the awakened questioning of government and corporations.
        The Billions of humans on this planet endeavoring to interact equitably without psycopaths stealing their life energy under some misguided enterprise as shitebook, vaccinesoft or BuggerPetroleum.
        Do no harm, yes its a sentiment but we have criminals, thugs, psyhcopaths to deal with.
        What would we do if we did not have to earn $, £ etc?
        Is profit the only purpose of western life?
        Is social status my goal? King, Queen, knight, lord.
        What abundance would spring forth without the goverment and corporate monopolies?
        Is energy poverty not repressing large sections of humanity but yet we have this massive energy source called the sun which we refuse to exploit due its threat to nuclear and oil?

        Anarchy may sound utopian, however I see it as a tool to rebuild what society/community is about.

        See it as clearing the decks of the ruling turds?


      3. I understand your viewpoint, ebolainfo… and your frustration… However, I still think the reality of anarchy would not be as pleasant as you imagine… You seem to think all those psychopaths would just ‘go away’… but they wouldn’t… They’d still be there… and unless the rest of the world were organized against them (which suggests SOME form of ‘government’…) they will very soon be right back on top of the shit-heap owning all the wealth AGAIN… An anarchist ‘dog-eat-dog’ world, in fact would be very little different from the current ‘dog-eat-dog’ world… which from some perspectives can already be described as ‘anarchy’… as the ‘rule of Law’ has been entirely abrogated and undermined by those who pervert laws for their own purposes.

        Anarchy may SOUND Utopian… but I reckon it’d be pretty damned ‘Infernal’ in reality… it would degenerate into warlordism in about thirty seconds!

        Clearing the deck? Is such a thing REALLY possible? I really don’t think so; new psychos are being born/created all the time…


      4. Yes astyges, you raise good points however we still need to destroy and reconstruct “government” as a model.
        It may not practically happen but the public must understand that his giant on the hill is a fiction given power by their consent or acquiesence.
        Unfortunately your point about psyhcopaths being born every day brings up the issue that human consciousness needs to rise above its current level.
        All human governing systems are prone to corruption by psychopaths.

        Thanks for exploring this terrain with me


      5. I’d agree that the whole concept of ‘government’ (or indeed, of ‘the state’) needs to be re-constructed… and that those who become its members must be made permanently and constantly aware of the fact that they are not our ‘rulers’, nor yet our ‘leaders’, but our SERVANTS… Their wages and conditions including ALL perks of office must be open not only to public scrutiny, but public control!

        The kind of ‘destruction and reconstruction’ that needs to happen is, imho, mostly legal in nature… (If we include the arrest, trial and incarceration of those who are guilty of selling out their country(-ies) to the NWO…)

        Remember too, that you can’t initiate a ‘non-violence’ movement with a mass killing… even of those who truly deserve to be killed such as the NWO warmongers… (and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather see killed!)

        But we need to be better than they are right from the start, otherwise we will only become their replacements… and ‘being better’ must include being more honest… economic unfairness is economic violence… It’s about time to actually begin to practice all the egalitarian values we have so long paid little more than lip-service to…

        I suppose this would be the outcome of the ‘evolution of human consciousness’ which you suggest needs to happen; an idea which has crossed my mind more than once… But it must be remembered that in fact there is no such thing as ‘Human Consciousness’… only the consciousnesses of human individuals… and, as these will all inevitably evolve to different extents at different paces, thus it will remain… if indeed such an ‘evolution’ is actually possible even for the individual… which remains to be adequately demonstrated.

        It seems very obvious to me that we will ALWAYS have to be alert to the existence of, and on the lookout for psychopaths… most especially in public office… The best way to weed them out would be to start by taking complaints against abuses of office in ALL publicly-funded organizations or enterprises… especially within government and universities… because the abuse of power is the very stuff of psychopathy. “Tinpot Hitlers” and “mini-Mussolinis” must never be tolerated in even modest positions of power.

        I think if the system were properly designed and the laws made immutable, perhaps it could work; the genuine will was always lacking hitherto… though we do have the example I have already quoted, of Solon… but it was no easy task for him, nor did it make him popular… indeed, he had to go into exile in order to escape vengeance by some of those ‘disadvantaged’ (actually, this was merely a levelling of privilege…) by the introduction of Solon’s new legal system…

        Later Greeks appreciated him, though… he was also famous for having said, “Call no man happy while he is alive…”

        True; all human governments are prone to corruption; that is precisely why corruption must ALWAYS be rooted out and punished most severely… we are not talking about petty theft or ordinary crime when we talk about political corruption; the latter is tantamount to treason and should be treated as such…

        Sadly, however, I don’t think I’ll hold my breath until it happens… I’m not sure there are enough honest people left in positions where they are likely to be able to make any difference… All the key social positions are occupied by minions of the NWO… and THEY control the system… getting them out will not be easy…

        The trouble is, in a ‘fall of society as we know it’ scenario, the emergence of a true and genuine democracy is the least probable of all possible outcomes…

        Anarchy is a much more likely outcome… but trust me on this, it will NOT be pleasant! In fact, we may even find ourselves longing for our old ‘masters’! Even slavery may be seen by many as preferable to starvation… and who could blame them?

        I’m afraid we have fallen prey to that old Chinese curse… we live in ‘interesting times’!

        Peace! (You KNOW it makes sense!) 😉


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