UK: The Government has a duty to engage us all in this trade deal

The implications of TTIP are so wide-ranging — on jobs, health, public services, the environment and national sovereignty — that it is mobilising people across the political spectrum. And opposition is as much commercial as it is political. The German “mittelstand” — more than a quarter of a million small and medium-sized enterprises — has vocally opposed it, while an Austrian “SMEs Against TTIP” platform has been joined by hundreds of companies in just one week

But it is the direct threat to consumers which is driving the greatest popular opposition. The numbers speak for themselves. For example, the ratio between the number of chemicals banned in US cosmetics and EU cosmetics is 1:100. That’s right: whereas more than 1,200 chemicals are banned for use in the EU, in the US the figure is just 12

It is profoundly hypocritical of our current government to highlight threats to UK sovereignty while also promoting TTIP within Europe. Rather than trying to hide the deal from the British public, ministers should facilitate a fuller debate — and, if such a debate demands it, include the suspension of TTIP in the package of reforms and opt-outs being demanded from the EU.

Note: Two legal fictions – government and corporation – conspire to use hidden statutes to poison, enslave and monetize our lives.
It is simple lackeys – Obama, Cameroun, etc – if it is hidden from the “governed” it is not CONSENTED to and hence is NULL and VOID. Only your monopoly on violence hidden behind the mask of “law”, forces acquiescence but NOT CONSENT.

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