1933 Redux: Vatican Signs Treaty with Terror “State of Palestine” |

I would disagree.
The fake semites (jews) who are actually central eurasian khazars, now stealing land occupied by palestinian semites are on the WRONG side of history.
“Gods chosen” behaving in the most disgusting genocidal manner betrays any claim to moral, religious superiority.
I spoke with a zionist (khazarian) – he refused to see the humanity or empathize with the Palestinians. This fake jew (Khazarian) could not separate the brutish “government” from his adopted religion.
Anything the “government” – ruling brutes- do is legitimate in the name of their cultural bonding mechanism called the jewish identity.
If Israel is the pinnacle of Jewish government, I consider them moral pariahs. Hypocrites and two-faced psychopaths.
Biilions in military aid annually from the US, nuclear armed, claim of Gods favorite people, cultural/intellectual/financial hegemony and yet moral bankruptcy.
Gaza 2014 clarified my view of the the criminal state called Israel.

Oyia Brown

Just like with Nazi Germany, the Vatican is on the wrong side of history ….. again.

In a supreme act of dhimmitude and submission, the Vatican has signed a treaty with the terror entity, euphemistically known as ‘the state of Palestine.” Decades of terror and slaughter is rewarded by the central governing body of the Catholic Church. Refusal to live side by side with the tiny Jewish state is rewarded with official recognition from the Vatican.

The wholesale slaughter of Christians by the very same adherents to the ideology of the “Palestinian state” is largely ignored by the Vatican. Instead sweeping declarations of idiocy are issued with solemnity such as “equating Islam with violence was wrong”. And so on.


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