US to EU: Sanctions Are For Suckers!

Oh, imagine my surprise. Sanctions, ethics, morality?
Dollars $$ man, dollars $$, yen, yuan, euro, sterling that’s all that matters?
Hey Obama, be a good boy and exempt us from any lawsuits.

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US to EU: Sanctions Are For Suckers!

It’s a rich irony – in fact a richness worth about $7.4 billion, and counting. In the same week that European Union envoys voted to extend trade sanctions on Russia, news emerges from the Paris Air Show that American aviation giant, Boeing, is moving ahead to sell a fleet of its 747 cargo planes – to Russia.

That deal – reportedly worth about $7.4 billion – will see Boeing supply Russian transport firm Volga-Dnepr with 20 long-haul aircraft. That inventory is in addition to the fleet of 14 Boeing 747s that the Russian company has already purchased, according to media reports.

Moreover, it also emerged this past week that the Pentagon is lobbying hard for the US Congress to ease trade restrictions imposed on Russian-manufactured space rockets. According to a report in the Washington Times, US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter and other Pentagon officials are calling on Senators to repeal a ban on Russian space technology. The…

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