Russia isn’t a pawn on America’s chessboard

Cold War 2.0. Another mechanism for controlled opposition.
Lets see Russia and China display genuine opposition. How?
Ditch their BIS compliant Central Banks and issue “asset” backed currency.



In his speech at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, Putin identified the root cause of the rising tensions that have come to characterize relations between Russia and the West, responsible for hurtling the world toward another Cold War.

The hegemony long enjoyed by Washington, with the support of its allies, is now being challenged by a multipolar consensus around the world. In this multipolar world, every state enjoys parity, equal respect, and security under international law; and national sovereignty is returned to the status of an inalienable right, as enshrined in the UN Charter, rather than being a gift in the hands of the United States, the EU and NATO.

In response to a question on the deteriorating relations between Moscow and Washington, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said: “We do not act aggressively. We have started to defend our interests more persistently and consistently.”

It is…

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