Mass Shooting Distracts from Sneaky TPP Fast Track Trade Approval

Obama, the first African-American president exploits a shooting tragedy to push forward TPP. Is the conman easier to see now?
“Chief turd” of the biggest statist pirates on the planet! The playbook works, under Ebola, sneak in AFRICOM!


TRUTHstreammedia, Jun 2015

While you were sleeping, the jobs were killed!

While the media are busy stoking the latest mass shooting to further racial tensions and societal divide, Washington politicians moved in stealth to rapidly pass the very fast track trade authority in the House that Congress had rejected days before.

The previous failure of the bill garnered big media attention, but the second try got muted media time at best with most outlets ready to give more airtime and headline space to the sensation and tragic South Carolina race-tinged shooting.

But while the death of nine people captures the nation’s conscience, the TPP trade authority stands to affect billions of lives – negotiated in secret, the deal stands to destroy millions of American jobs and opens special loopholes for corporations to dominate business here and abroad.

Level 1: Protest movements anger is further fueled by horrible massacre, with racist…

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