Eugenics and pandemics

who business

This business plan evaluates the short to medium-term (2007–2017) options available to pursue the
Global pandemic influenza action plan to increase vaccine supply (GAP) goal of developing enough
pandemic vaccine to immunize the world’s population (6.7 billion people)”, says the 2008 report.


This WHO global pandemic vaccination plan, which has, no doubt, been updated in the intervening years, represents, in conjunction with the provisions for forced vaccination and quarantine contained in the International Health Regulations 2005, and enacted into law in national pandemic plans,  a gigantic threat to the people of the world, a threat which is much greater even than nuclear war.

The fact there is so little written about these vast, dangerous, global vaccination plans is a sign of just how controlled the mainstream media is and also the alternative media. In fact, the only alternative media attending this year’s Bilderberg conference in Austria, Charlie Skelton…

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