Doctors Against Vaccines – Hear From Those Who Have Done the Research

The general public shares a common misconception – that all doctors, or all “real doctors” support vaccination. Although it is true that the majority of doctors support vaccines, not all do.


This blog has been posting articles on many subjects, one theme being health, one topic being vaccines. I am not a medical expert, just an observer and thinker. An educated and trained academic via a technical tertiary engineering diploma.

The blog theme is “Do unto others….” which is about as simple a life guide as is possible, one which ideally would, if adopted by everyone, solve most of the world’s problems. But it is not an ideal world, in fact so far from it, that I am inspired to activism by a strong desire for truth and justice.

The pharmaceutical industry is one organization that invites criticism for many reasons, failing to meet professional standards of transparency, truth and honesty and demonstrably failing in its ideal mission of achieving best public health care without profit or political biasses.

Current, extensive world-wide vaccination missions raise several issues in this regard, where…

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