Gardasil is more dangerous than the HPV virus

“There has always been a well deserved suspicion of big- Pharma companies who push new drugs on the public with a flashy ad campaign. The effort employed by Merk, manufacturers of the HPV vaccine Gardasil is a classic example. And it is on-going. So maybe this is a good time to review what’s known about this controversial vaccine and separate the truth from the myth.

If you are a parent of pre-teen children, you are perhaps already struggling with the Gardasil dilemma — not necessarily if you will get them immunized but when. The drug must be administered in three doses over a six month period. It begins to protect against the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) during sexual contact in about six months, so it is usually recommended for teens, sometimes even pre-teens. The lower recommended age limit is 9 years old.”

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