The New Dark Ages Conspiracy: Britain’s Plot to Destroy Civilization

dark ages
5 Star Reviewer wrote:

This book explains the Rothschild-British Elite’s strategies in maintaining economic hegemony in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The strategies — setting Muslims against Christians; Japanese against Russians; Germans against Russians; Chinese against Japanese; destroying the gold standard; destabilizing the Balkans and the Mideast — were applied successfully in eliminating Russia, Germany, and Japan as economic competitors to the Rothschild’s power base, Britain.

The Rothschilds’ lackeys in the US, traitors such as John D Rockefeller and FDR, returned the US to Rothschild-British control in 1913 with the establishment of a central bank (Federal Reserve). The US traitors adopted the same Rothschild-British tactics of global domination through serial wars, installation of puppet dictators, destabilization of the Balkans and Mideast, and gold price/stock market manipulations.

This book needs to be reprinted and updated to show how the same deceitful conspiracies have been used, such as Reagan’s arming Iraq against Iran and Clinton setting the Serbs against the Albanians, all the “off-color” revolutions and phony Arab springs.

Despite the book’s overall relevance, the “devil” is in the details. Many details are wrong. See Revilo Oliver’s analysis of these deliberate factual errors (spin) by googling Oliver’s name and the title of this book.

Note: Interesting book from 1980s concerning the Christian/Muslim antagonisms.

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