Dirty Medicine The Handbook

Reviewer wrote:

The original 1993 version was the very first book I came across, many years ago, that blew wide open the shocking and dirty methods of big pharma. So I’ve never forgotten it and regret that it has been out of print for many years.

This version is somewhat different: the author describes it “as an extension and rework” of his original book. It is actually more of a resource than the original, which was essentially an exposé of some of the seamy side of big pharma. This new book, which pulls no punches, is mainly a listing of the many nasty and fraudulent individuals, companies, groups and institutions who make their living from sickness and death.

Many of the listings shame as well as name, through stories of shockingly dirty lies and deeds against those who seek to tell the truth about drugs and vaccines. The book exposes the mafia-type tactics by which big business, “science” and medical orthodoxy defend their products and profits against any and all “competition” – and the more truth told by those they victimise and the more truly healing the products of their “competition”, the more vicious are the campaigns of bigpharma and their minions. It is a frightening overview of the history of the abuse of money and power by the corporate kleptocracy to bully the powerless.

Everyone should know this information, as well as that contained in similarly worthwhile books like Fear of the Invisible, Trick and Treat, Selling Sickness, The Truth About Drug Companies, Racketeering In Medicine, The Great Cholesterol Con, Heart Frauds, How to Protect Your Heart from Your Doctor, Confessions of a Medical Heretic (amusingly written, by a medical doctor, as well as scandalous), The Medical Mafia (also by a medic, similar theme as Confessions and passionately but badly written), The Truth About Vaccines, Cancer: Why We’re Still Dying to Know the Truth, The Cancer Industry, Cancer is Not a Disease, and Why We will Never Win the War on AIDS.

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