Dirty medicine: Science, big business, and the assault on natural health care


Reviewer wrote:

This was the very first book I came across, many years ago, that revealed the dirty methods of big pharma. So I’ve never forgotten it. Pity it’s out of print.

A frightening story of the so-called “free market” (actually the corporate kleptocracy) at war with the powerless, this book was one of the first to expose the seamy side of “modern medicine”. For well over a century, pharmaceutical companies as well as many orthodox medical practitioners and industrial “scientists” in the pocket of bigpharma have organized witchhunts against alternative and complementary medicine in Europe and America. Dirty Medicine traces the history of these campaigns, their proponents and institutions. It exposes how, under the guise of government regulation, bigpharma uses their minions to defend their products and profits from competition and the mafia-type tactics they use to scare off those trying to warn us of the dangers of “conventional” medicine as well as those trying to help us truly heal.


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