USTR – Biographies of Key Officials

Michael Froman, Ambassador

Deputy United States Trade Representative

Michael Punke, Ambassador (Geneva)

Deputy United States Trade Representative

Robert Holleyman, Ambassador

Chief Agricultural Negotiator

Darci Vetter, Ambassador

Acting Deputy United States Trade Representative

Wendy Cutler

Chief of Staff

Matthew Vogel

Deputy Chief of Staff

Behnaz Kibria

Counselor to the United States Trade Representative

Luis Jimenez

General Counsel

Timothy Reif

Other Senior Officials and Assistant U. S. Trade Representatives (AUSTR)

Fred Ames, AUSTR for Administration

Douglas Bell, Counselor and AUSTR for Trade Policy and Economics

Christine Bliss, AUSTR for Services and Investment

Michael J. Delaney, AUSTR for South Asia

Mike Harney, AUSTR for Congressional Affairs

Bruce Hirsh, AUSTR for Japan, Korea, and APEC

Lewis Karesh, AUSTR for Labor

Elizabeth Kelley, AUSTR for Private Sector Engagement

Oman Khan, AUSTR for Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Engagement

Sharon Bomer Lauritsen, AUSTR for Agricultural Affairs

Mark Linscott, AUSTR for WTO & Multilateral Affairs

Florizelle Liser, AUSTR for Africa

Matthew McAlvanah, AUSTR for Public and Media Affairs

John Melle, AUSTR for Americas

L. Daniel Mullaney, AUSTR for Europe and the Middle East

Jennifer Prescott, AUSTR for Environment & Natural Resources

Jim Sanford, AUSTR for Small Business, Market Access, and Industrial Competitiveness

Gail Strickler, AUSTR for Textiles

Bradford Ward, Director, Interagency Trade Enforcement Center

Barbara Weisel, AUSTR for Southeast Asia and the Pacific

Christopher Wilson, Deputy Chief of Mission, Geneva


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