Russia Under Attack

Hey Billy boy Gates, once you have created your BIO-NATO swat team, get those damn ruskies?
How dare Putin not agree to Monsanto and Big Oil resource grabs in Ukraine. Putin also has the cheek to mess up our Syria plan, bothersome, trully bothersome.
We have to come up with a good name for this new NATO bio swat team?
Any ideas Billy boy? Oh, oh, how about GNATo (Genetic North Atlantic Treaty Organization)?

Random Candidate

“The NATO Secretary General said that NATO rejects the settlement because it “hampers ongoing efforts by the international community to strengthen security and stability in the region.” Look closely at this statement. It defines the “international community” as Washington’s NATO puppet states, and it defines strengthening security and stability as removing buffers between Russia and Georgia so that Washington can position military bases in Georgia directly on Russia’s border.”

“Human intelligence has gone missing if after 14 years of US military aggression against eight countries the world does not understand that Washington is lost in arrogance and hubris and imagines itself the ruler of the universe who will tolerate no dissent from its will.”

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