Bill Gates says next epidemic could be deadier than Ebola, calls for war preparation

The thing is Billy Boy, the CDC have a list of known agents, so will it be “novel”, “emerging”?
From deepest Central Africa? That is getting old. How about the most remote part of Russian Siberia.
Ah Russia it is, the next step is find an agent from the CDC’s list of agents that we can re-mix (bio-engineer) for the plan.

Eugenics and pandemics

“Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates is calling for a global effort to combat future epidemics, much the way Western nations formed the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to confront military threats,” writes the LA Times.

Issuing a warning that the next epidemic could be deadlier than Ebola, Gates seems to be calling for the establishment a multinational, biological warfare force modelled on NATO.

“Gates also says the world should invest heavily to stop epidemics before they begin through diagnostics, drugs and vaccines.”

Stop epidemics before they begin? What exactly does Gates mean by that?

Does it mean we are to undergo mandatory experimental Ebola Mers, Sars, Birdflu and other vaccines, even when there is no epidemic? Is this what Gates means by stopping the epidemic through diagnostics, drugs and vaccines before it even begins?

I don t think the general public will warm to that idea. Gates seems to suspect…

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