It’s happening all around you…if you look closely, you will see it…and we can eat it!

by clif high, Werdsday, July 30, 2014 7:30pm

We see the decentralization with such obvious slap-your-mama-in-the-face examples such as bitcoin. But were you aware that decentralization is taking place in the food industry right in your neighborhood? Eyup…that’s correct…YOUR neighbors are in the food production business.

And what a diverse business it is…from the current hottest home trend in the USA (guess clucker houses?) to the up-and-coming aquaponics… people, that is to say, humans, not corporations, have caught the decentralization wave and are expressing it by producing their own food.

And many of the decentralized food producers, the so-called ‘1/4 acre set’ (after the small back yards in use) are discovering that their production both quality and quantity is so far superior to WTF Mart offerings, that any surplus they choose to favor neighbors with does not go unappreciated. Of course, be aware your local fascist gov’tcorp does not like decentralization, and so used to be an irritant until the 1/4 acre started ‘trending’, then they had to back off (at least in some places). Power shifts do not get any more ‘from the ground up’ than this continuing manifestation of decentralization.

While the many protests against Monsanto are certainly worthwhile, their impact on this evil bitch of a corporation are mosquito stings on an elephant compared to the olympic swimming pool sized enema that Monsanto is going to receive from the trend toward ‘only in my back yard’ (OMBY Mo’Fo!) developing throughout the anglo-american (deep state) empire.

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