Vaccination:the Great Illusion: Humorous and Informative, bringing awareness and critical thinking about vaccinations.

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Vaccination -the Great Illusion

If the old adage, A picture is worth a thousand words, is true, then “Vaccination : the Great Illusion”, has condensed a library of vaccine knowledge into 136 pages of delightful drawings.

French natural health promoter and cartoonist René Bickel reveals the hidden truths behind the enslaving paradigm of vaccines which have poisoned our bodies and minds for over two centuries.

Both humorous and educational, René’s book pictures the manipulations and disinformation that prevail in the field of vaccination. After the scandals of mad cow disease, tainted blood, growth hormones, and “tobacco science”, it is time to expose the biggest scandal in the history of medicine by affirming the truth that vaccinations are dangerous and unnecessary.

Bickel’s book spans two centuries of relatively unknown vaccine history and includes key references for further research.

Putting this book into the hands of a friend or family member who still touts the perceived benefits of vaccination is the greatest gift you can give – the gift of empowering one to be responsible for their own healthcare needs.

A must read for everyone concerned with creating a healthy environment for themselves, their loved ones and society.

Note: Hey “vaccines are safe and effective” Zuckerberg, try reading this book.


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