Interview with Dr. David Nabarro, United Nations Special Envoy for Ebola

News Centre: The WHO recently said that a new vaccine offered ‘signs of hope’ and I just wondered how and when is any vaccine likely to reach people in those worst affected countries.
David Nabarro: During the last few months, there has been a lot of effort to try to identify a vaccine that would prevent people who are exposed to Ebola from getting ill with the disease by building up antibodies inside a person’s body. And this latest outbreak has provided a massive impetus to manufacturers to develop candidate vaccines and then to find ways to test them, first of all on individual volunteers and then on communities that have a risk of disease. Two candidate vaccines are under test right now. If they can be developed and found to be safe, and to work, then they will have a big impact, not so much on the overall response but on the safety of health workers and others who are encountering people with Ebola and who are at risk of disease.

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