Ebola in Brussels – a high profile conference


The European Union has invited African countries for a high level conference on Tuesday 3 March in Brussels to review current efforts of fighting Ebola and place a plan to help Liberia and the other African countries to recover from the disease

More than 80 delegations have been invited, including Ministers from all West African countries and EU Member States, other countries that are contributing to the fight against Ebola, and relevant partners, such as UN agencies, the IMF, the World Bank, NGOs, the private sector and research institutes. During the conference, the 11th European Development Fund National Indicative Program for Liberia 2014-2020 will be signed between Liberia and the EU.

National Indicative Programme (NIP) for EU development cooperation with Liberia for the period 2014-2020
EU cooperation with Liberia in the years till 2020 will focus on four main sectors:
Good governance: this will support the overall improvement of the management of the public sector and also address the ability to deliver services as well as focus on the consolidation of peace, democracy, the rule of law and security.
Energy: improving access to sustainable and affordable electricity for the general population and for productive activities.
Education: improving quality, equity and accessibility of basic education and of the technical vocational education and training
Agriculture: sustainably increasing agricultural productivity and added value; including improving access to domestic and international markets and developing nutrition-sensitive productions systems.

Note: This is the same IMF, EU, World Bank that implores Greece to maintain Austerity programs, forgive me if I am highly cynical.


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