DHS intelligence assessment highlights threat posed by sovereign citizen groups

Sovereign citizens have killed NO one nor enabled mass murder.
Sovereign citizens have NOT committed or benefited from Forex, Libor, commodities, mortgage or money laundering frauds.
Sovereign citizens have NOT fabricated evidence to support climate change, vaccines or GMO benefits.
They have NOT poisoned the land with depleted Uranium, roundup, agent-orange or GMO.
Sovereign citizens have NOT demanded anyone poison their earthly bodies with vaccines to profit corporations.
Sovereign citizens have NOT signed secret treaties to enslave humanity to mindless profit AT any cost zombies.
Sovereign citizens have sought the truth and rejected whore-media.
They are not guilty of these major and current crimes but are more dangerous than jihadists and militia groups.
Indeed being a Sovereign citizen is not good for your health.

Random Candidate

“In a 2014 survey of state and local law enforcement agencies, leaders of these agencies listed members of sovereign citizen groups as the top domestic terror threat, ahead of foreign Islamist or domestic militia groups.”

I suppose that makes me safe from persecution:  I’m an sovereign anti-citizen.  (And I sure don’t have a group.)

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