Boko Haram attacks town in Niger, 2nd neighbouring country invaded in days

In light of failed coup in Gambia, attempts at a coup in Venezuela, murderous farce in Ukraine, Bogus Boko Haram activity in Northern Nigeria, fabricated Gladio B enemies Al- Qaeda and ISIS. This is the background to view the AFRICOM base in Liberia under cover of Ebola

Global News

NIAMEY, Niger – A resident says Boko Haram fighters from Nigeria have attacked a border town inside the neighbouring country of Niger.

The fresh violence Friday morning marks the second neighbouring country attacked by the Islamic extremists in recent days.

On Wednesday and Thursday, Boko Haram fighters raided a town inside Cameroon, leaving nearly 100 people dead and some 500 others wounded.

Abba Hassan, a pharmacist reached in the border town of Bosso, said the militants were repelled by soldiers after an hour-long battle.

The region of Niger where the violence took place is an area where refugees already have arrived by the thousands seeking safety from Boko Haram attacks elsewhere.

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