AGENDAS: The Primary Factor Needed to Establishing Tyranny

Blind fear removes a person’s ability to reason. So, if you can create that blind fear in them, then it is a small thing to push them over the edge into panic. At that point, normally reasonable people will run to anyone they think will offer safety, and all would-be and want-to-be tyrants know this.

The Oil for Your Lamp

I had to step out of a ‘debate’ over gun control today.  I have gotten better at doing this.  I still cannot handle irrational and intellectually dishonest people, but at least I have learned to step away from them.  However, I learned something very important thanks to this ‘debate.’  Maybe ‘learned’ is not the best word, as I have known about and its connection to helping tyrants rise to power for a while.  What made this discussion different is how clearly I saw the problem, and how well I understood how and why it works.  This time, I came face-to-face with the primary factor needed to establish tyranny.

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