AFRICOM Expands Mission In Africa

Published on 27 May 2012
Maurice Carney: A U.S.-based unit has been selected as the Army’s first “regionally aligned” brigade, and by next year its soldiers could begin conducting operations in Africa.


3 thoughts on “AFRICOM Expands Mission In Africa

  1. interesting, i have it on good information that the AU heads of state were categorically clear that there would be no base on African soil for the the American led AFRICOM…did something change i don’t know of or their stand does not count…?


    1. The youtube post was from 2012 however Janes – a military procurement information site – reported AFRICOM deployment to Liberia.
      AFRICOM to deploy for Ebola care
      The link is also on my blog:

      You are right African heads of state have rebuffed the idea hence the planned or opportunistic occupation of Liberia under cover of Ebola.
      Ebola deaths are decreasing in West Africa and we can expect to see results similar to Mali and Nigeria within 2-3 months.
      I will state for the public record if they surge higher it is by design/plan. Ebola vaccine trials are due to start.

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