How many colleagues flew with Pauline Cafferkey?

Dr Martin Deahl, 58, from Newport, Shropshire…
“I trained with Pauline in York before we flew out to Sierra Leone.
We flew out on November 23 for five weeks along with 29 NHS volunteers.
“I worked in Port Loko with most of the volunteers and Pauline went to Kerry Town with three or four others

“We all met up again at Free Town on Saturday night for a reunion. We all got very close to each other and there would have been lots of contact with Pauline.
“On Sunday we flew into Casablanca and had a six hour stop-over in the airport lounge. Again there was lots of us hugging and chatting with each other…”

– Pauline Cafferkey and Dr Martin Deahl flew with NHS volunteers
– 29 NHS volunteers
– 5 weeks to Sierra Leone
– Only Pauline Cafferkey tested positive and is being treated for Ebola
– Unknown (secret) investigative drug being trialled
– Blood Plasma trialled on Ms Cafferkey
– No further details of other supportive recovery care.

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