Putin’s Opportunity to Bust the US Petro Dollar, by Preston James, Ph.D

“Israel has been sneakily attempting to steal the Ukraine as their new homeland based on their continuing racial delusion of having ancient Hebrew Blood when one peer reviewed John Hopkins study shows 97.5% of them have none, while 80% of the Palestinians do. If an accurate conclusion this study of course means that the biggest anti-Semites in the World are the Israelis who suffer from this racial delusion which has now been clearly proved false.”

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

While what Preston suggests is a distinct possibility, I don’t think anything is going to happen until the countries working with Putin have a solid footing under them.

I also question whether Saudi Arabia has seen the writing on the wall and like a rat leaving a sinking ship has turned on the US, so that what we are watching happen is not to hurt Russia, but to bring a stop to the US/West’s advance. After all, in spite of what the MSM is telling the population, anyone who has studied the situation knows that Russia is far stronger and more able to survive this battle  than is the West. ~J

Source: Veterans Today
January 7, 2015

Has a remarkable opportunity arisen for President Putin to Bust the US Petro Dollar and collapse the Criminal Banking System behind it?


By  Preston James and *Mike Harris

In Ju-Jitsu, the goal is to wait for…

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