100 Days…. Oh Gaza.

Today, 100 days after the war, I can tell you that we’re deceived, Everyone betrayed us to satisfy Israel’s needs

Abu Yazan

100 days since the end of the war which has lasted for 51 days but It seems like it has happened yesterday. 2200 people got killed, 11,000 people got injured, some of these injured people are still in hospital, some of them have died and some of them are going to live the rest of their lives handicap after losing parts of their bodies. Even though The 51 days of the last war were full of pain, suffering, agony, blood and devastation, we’ve celebrated a victory at the end of it. We’ve celebrated this victory not because we won the war; not because all our demands are met and not because Israel has lost but because we are still alive.

Today after 100 days since the end of the war, we’re still living the outcomes of it; One of these outcomes is the memories of the war. These memories are…

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