List of USTR TPP Negotiators

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Consultation with Stakeholders: An Integral Part of the Process
The Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) values its close collaboration with stakeholders and U.S. Congress in developing its negotiating objectives for the TPP. Below are the names of USTR’s lead negotiators for the TPP. Please share your input on TPP with our negotiators by contacting us by email at
Overall Leads
Lead Negotiator Barbara Weisel
Deputy Lead Negotiator Drew Quinn
Chapter Leads
Agriculture Roger Wentzel
Ag Market Access Japan Brian Grunenfelder
Capacity Building Drew Quinn/Lia Theodosiou-Pisanelli
Competitiveness Drew Quinn
Competition/SOE’s Daniel Watson
Customs Jason Bernstein
Development Drew Quinn/Lia Theodosiou-Pisanelli
E-Commerce Jonathan McHale
Environment Kelly Milton
Financial Services Christine Bliss
Government Procurement Drew Quinn
Industrial Goods Sushan Demirjian
Intellectual Property Rights Probir Mehta
Investment Daniel Bahar
Labor Lewis Karesh
Legal/Institutional Issues María Pagán
Regulatory Coherence Drew Quinn/Lia Theodosiou-Pisanelli
Rules of Origin Jason Bernstein
Services Todd Nissen
SMEs Sushan Demirjian
SPS Sharon Bomer
TBT Julia Doherty
Telecommunications Jonathan McHale
Textiles Gail Strickler
Trade Remedies Victor Mroczka

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