The Ebola Story Doesn’t Smell Right — Paul Craig Roberts

Once symptoms appear, an infected person is dangerous to others until the person is quarantined. As the CDC now has been forced to admit, after stupidly denying the obvious fact, the current ebola strain can spread by air. All it takes is a sneeze or a cough or a contaminated surface. link

In other words, it can spread like flu. Previous denials of this fact helped to create
the suspicion that the new ebola strain is a weaponized biowarfare strain created by
US government labs in West Africa. As University of Illinois law professor Francis Boyle has revealed, Washington placed its biowarfare laboratories in African countries that did not sign the convention banning such experimentation. link

It is certainly strange that a government involved in long-term wars in the Middle East, the purpose of which is unclear to the public, and in fomenting conflict with both Russia and China, two countries armed with nuclear weapons, would so recklessly create more suspicions among the public of its motives, intentions, and competence.

This blogger would add that the economic war being waged on Russia will mostly affect the civilian population. This again calls into question the West’s intentions in West Africa. If the US/EU would inflict harm on millions of people in Ukraine/Russia to achieve their goals, can we really trust any displays of altruism or humanitarian aid? I would say an emphatic no!

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