WHO – Ebola response roadmap – Situation report – Dec 17 2014

Confirmed, probable, and suspected cases in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone

Country Case definition Cumulative cases Cases in past 21 days Cumulative deaths
Guinea Confirmed 2127 249 1262
Probable 263 * 263
Suspected 26 * 0
Total 2416 249 1525 (63%)
Liberia§ Confirmed 2946 185
Probable 1801 *
Suspected 3050 *
Total 7797 185 3290 (42%)
Sierra Leone Confirmed 6702 1261 1876
Probable 79# * 174
Suspected 1575 * 35
Total 8356 1261 2085 (25%)
Total   18 569 1695 6900 (37%)

Figures in brackets (%) are mortality.
What is indeed worrying about the latest figures from Sierra Leone, is that 60.5% ((1261/2085)*100) of the cumulative deaths occurred in the last 21 days. Sierra Leone has the lowest mortality of the 3 West African nations.

Ebola virus disease infections in health-care workers in the three countries with intense transmission

Country Cases Deaths
Guinea 125 72
Liberia* 365 177
Sierra Leone 142 109
Total 632 358

Data are based on official information reported by ministries of health. These numbers are subject to change due to ongoing reclassification, retrospective investigation and availability of laboratory results.*Data are missing for 10–14 December.


Response activity Lead agency
Case management WHO
Case finding, lab and contact tracing WHO
Safe and dignified burials International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
Community engagement and social mobilization UNICEF
Crisis management UNMEER
Logistics UNMEER and World Food Programme
Cash payments coordination United Nations Development Programme
Staffing UNMEER
Training WHO and US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Information management UNMEER

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