A simple question about Vaccines

Why do the vaccine pedlars have commercial immunity from producing faulty and dangerous products?

We could say that maybe in 1986 when the National Childhood vaccine injury act was passed, the technology or “science” was lacking. However in 2011, the US supreme court no less chose to uphold the law preventing consumers from suing pharmaceutical companies for damages due to vaccines.

This act contradicts the belief system concerning survival of the fittest/wisest/best. We cannot escape the parallel with the banking sector. Failed businesses (banks) are not allowed to die as the Darwinian belief systems states.

Using ordinary non-cartel business logic, if a medical product should prove dangerous, faulty and unprofitable, it should be withdrawn as the commercial risks will become high.

The fact that the law exists validates and underscores the concern that the industry protects their profits with impunity.

Pharma fraud and banking fraud, the same moral hazard.

The question again, if vaccines are so effective and safe why the indemnity from commercial and criminal liability?

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