The Myth of Overpopulation in Africa and Global Medical fraud

The recent “Ebola outbreak” has brought to the fore the ongoing suspicions of a neo-colonial agenda in Africa.  We note the French presence in Mali under the pretext of fighting Islamic “terrorist” , the US pretext of Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria and Cameroun and the aborted “Arab springs” in Saharan Africa.

It is laughable to think that the US, UK, EU and its corrupt banking-military-industrial-pharma cartel care about 5 thousand African lives above their strategic military, financial and resource interests.

The inherent and fundamental fraud of global banking and their ability to print “money” into existence as the basis for physical asset seizures is now clear to even the most inattentive of people. The frauds keep coming from mortgages, securities, libor, forex, commodities and stocks. It could be argued, this banking corruption at the root of the global economy has compromised activities such as legal, civil, education, medical, military and industrial.

If there are any readers who do believe in the integrity of the above group, please post a comment on a recent criminal conviction of directors of said industries. Civil or commercial fines are NOT applicable.

This blog notes the sociopathy of the ruling class and their “false” cover displays of altruism via foundations created from wealth based on monopolistic and exploitative practices. The corporation as a psychopath is the perfect analog of the ruling world oligarchs.

To the lay person it is evident that cost-effective treatments are not researched, applied or even suppressed due to its threat to corporate profits. The medical establishments so called peer-review (pressure) process has kept medical research within set boundaries and is leading to the bankruptcy of medical systems as seen in the UK’s NHS and US.

Take the example of vaccines. It is unsustainable to continually load the immune system with vaccines for every existing and new (novel) disease. It would be better and safer to take a different approach, a systemic strengthening of immunity. The mantra of “vaccines” as the only solution for Ebola, malaria, tetanus, dengue and other viral/bacterial ailments is proof of pharma preparing their future profit funnel.

The profit motive over lives is documented extensively and implicates the global medical establishment (Universities, W.H.O, CDC, FDA, Pharma, national medical boards).

That vaccines are the perfect vector to weaken and compromise health, makes the global medical orthodoxy complicit in genocide and is damning evidence of their implementation of the de-population agenda.

The global monetary and scientific priests – yes they are priests as truth is no longer their measure – are under belief the world is over-populated. Which is more significant to resolve the perverse allocation of resources or the reduction of competition. Over-population is code, a polite word for the elimination of competition.

We note the majority of Africans on the African continent have a relatively lower material “standard of living”, so it was worthwhile to note the following:
* Not a single African city scores in the top 20 of population density of the world.
* Neither does an African country rank in the top 20 in the world index.
* Burundi (pop. approx 9million) at 28th by population density is the first instance of an African country in the index

The population densities do not tell the whole story but eliminate the attempt to equate African poverty to over crowding or over-population.

The world average density is 53 pop/km2.
Liberia has a density of 36 pop./km2.
Mali has a density of 11.6 pop./km2.
Guinea has a density of 44 pop./km2.
Senegal has a density of 69 pop./km2.
Sierra Leone has a density of 85 pop./km2.
Nigeria has a density of 193 pop./km2.(This figure is a projection NOT an actual census)

Pos. Country (or dependent territory) Area (km²) Area (mi²) Population Density Density Date Population source
(pop./km²) (pop./mi²)
 World (land only, excluding Antarctica) 134,940,000 52,100,000 7,206,792,600 53 137 November 20, 2014 USCB’s world population clock
69 Nigeria 923,768 356,669 178,517,000 193 500 July 1, 2014 UN projection
117 Sierra Leone 71,740 27,699 6,092,000 85 220 July 1, 2013 UN estimate
136 senegal 196,722 75,955 13,567,338 69 179 2013 Official estimate
166 Guinea 245,857 94,926 10,824,200 44 114 2010 Official estimate
175 Liberia 97,036 37,466 3,476,608 36 93 March 21, 2008 Final 2008 census result
218 Mali 1,248,574 482,077 14,528,662 11.6 30 April 1, 2009 Final 2009 census result

Whilst Africans may contemptuously reject the myth of over-population in Africa, they must also acknowledge that Ebola has exposed several weaknesses of African governments. Their leadership are either misguided or complicit. How long would genuine and honourable leadership last given the options – take the money or get taken out? The economic hitmen and jackals did their jobs. These foreign corporate/state interventions displace local priorities, so it is no surprise that education, health care, basic infrastructure are neglected. The inter-generational cycle of impoverishment continues.

Africa is a clear example that over-population is NOT the issue we face. It is a perverse and genocidal set of priorities predicated on the fraud of banking at the core of our commercial system.  The “real” goal is elimination of challenges to oligarchal dominance and the supremacy of the defective western ruling cabal.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) are secret agreements for the benefit of corporations/oligarchs. God/the universe requires consent between sentient beings. That the citizens of the nation states did not consent, nullifies ANY agreement. If this desire for consent was NOT required, the west would not continually perform the charade they call elections. Note the choice in the US – another Bush and Hilary Clinton.

updated 28/11/2014

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