Biotech in the Palm of Your Hand?

Our ultimate goal is to make DNA science accessible for everyone, everywhere. The motivation is personal; we are molecular biologists who had limited access to biotechnology tools while going to school and choosing a career. We are excited to be helping put PCR in the hands of more independent scientists, students, and DNA enthusiasts. – See more at:

There are over 100 MiniPCR machines already made and being used and more on the way. While it is more expensive than say the OpenPCR kit (it is currently 799 USD while OpenPCR is 599 USD), it is still accessible to small groups of community DIYbiologists. In the future, a PCR machine might be as affordable and as easy to use as an Android device or a computer and along with other increasingly accessible biotech tools, doing biotech may be as easy as information technology is for us today.

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